.KC9LGS (for Shack)


NEW QTH 2022! 

Greetings Fellow Hams.
I live in three different states: (1) Houghton Mi., (2) Whitewater Wi., and (3) Sebastian Fl.
This means I will have three different QSL cards depending on which QTH I'm operating at the time.
Stop by again for I am updating this page often!
Rob Best

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For QSL use eQSL.cc

See our Heathkit MEM-3400 card .
Click image to get more  info & manuals

Hobby's and interests  (Click Link)

Hello my name is Rob Best I am a ham radio operator. 

APRS Link 

When viewing APRS link press hybrid
in upper right corner of the map
Then zoom in to see shack from the air.
(tower's not up yet remember I am new to ham)

Weather Station